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The following are photos taken inside the planetarium during the shows in different schools in Ireland.

Planet Vortex visit to St. Josephs NS in Carlow


St. Josephs NS Carlow



On the 16th of March 2023, the mobile planetarium visited St Josephs NS and screened the popular "Dinosaurs, a story of survival" movie, which was a huge hit among the students.
The all-day show left the children buzzing with excitement and wonder, and there was an atmosphere of fun and learning throughout the school.

The visit was particularly beneficial for the autistic unit, as well as the junior infants, senior infants, and 1st class students. The immersive experience of the mobile planetarium allowed the students to get up close and personal with the dinosaurs in a way that was both educational and entertaining.

The visit of Planet Vortex to St Josephs NS was a great success, leaving the students with a newfound appreciation for the prehistoric creatures that once roamed the earth and sparking their curiosity about the world of science and technology.

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